Last night I set to work on sorting the suspension. There were a few things I'd overlooked. First off, the shock springs are different lengths, not only are standard springs shorter than the 'stock' summit ones but the tan spring are shorter again than the yellow one. I hadn't noticed this before mainly because I fitted shock covers and couldn't see if the spring was seated.

Once the preload nuts were wound down onto the springs correctly the summit sat up at the correct sag. It raised up so much in fact that I decided to move the rear pushrods to the outer of the two holes (only one choice on the front) to lower it down slightly again. While I had the shocks out I also changed the stock oil from 50wt to 30wt that I had laying around, this made the damping much better and now returns at a reasonable rate although there is room for improvement later on.

I then fitted RPM Revo bumper mounts to lower the bumpers and allow me to lower the shell without cutting it. I moved it down two holes, the bumpers allow for three but the shell would foul the wheels if it went any lower. It has about the right 'look' now. I didn't take a picture but will get one up soon.

After spending ages getting the wheels aligned with camber a tow I discovered that it was all in vane as the wheels are badly warped from the boiling and pulling of tyres. They will do for now but ultimately need to be binned and replaced. Later though, this has cost enough as it is.

With the changes to the suspension it handles much better now absorbing bumps rather than bumping over them although I think it needs to be more supple still. The increased ride height also meant it cleared obstacles that it couldn't earlier. I had loads of fun with it...

Can't wait to do the shell and get it on.

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