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    Current direct fit motors avail?

    Hey guys, have had a T-maxx for a couple months now, that I bought on the cheap with a worn out 2.5. After lots of searching and digging around this site I determined it needed to be replaced. I figured I would go the easy route, and pick up a 3.3 @ my LHS. Slipped it in, proper break in, and began tuning (not something I am new at, spent years tuning race 2 strokes, all kinds of fuels, and set-ups)....this was atleast 2 months ago and I am still having a rough time with this (triggered language filter0 truck. I have tuned to temps, smoke, sound...and it always gives me some sort of problem... biggest is idling, wether its coming off a throttle pull, or just sitting. Sometimes it behaves as it should, for just a few seconds- sometimes it flat wont idle, others it idles just high enough to engage clutch. I've tried diff carbs, settings, even pulling off this brand new motor, and sealing all the places it was/could leak. Its driving me bonkers. I can NEVER get a full tank thru it without serious frustrations.

    I have read several places that there are other motor/carb combo's that will give me less grief, and more fun. How much truth is behind this? Since I am pretty new to the hobby I tend to get lost looking at all the different options, and ideas. That leads me guys are the real Traxxas pro's, help me. Which, if any are true drop in? Who will give me the most reliable set-up, and why? Which set-ups are proven, and which are new/untested?... I dont mind small tuning, as long as I can actually take it out and play. Along with these questions, who will give me the best pricing?

    Thx fellas

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