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Thread: t maxx

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    t maxx

    anyone know what is better t maxx or t maxx classic

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    What is your definition of better? What may be better to you is not to someone else. What better suits you? The classic is an older version and the current one is much updated.
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    Either works well, the advantage to the 4907 is it already has the parts stock that most people with the 4910 classic end up upgrading to.

    And the 4910 still comes with the stone age AM TX/RX, just my $0.02 but that needs upgraded at the same time you buy the 4910 as the AM TX is junk IMHO with the cost of the 2.4ghz radio's nowadays there is no reason not to upgrade & ditch the AM TX.
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    Hi I think wildman is right, upgrading a 4910 right now. Start with a better sending system and upgrades already there!

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