Well I ordered the little fella and I a couple of tickets for the Monster Jam this Saturday January 12th, 2013. This one was rescheduled from last weekend since the Houston Texans had a playoff game. I am, oh wait I mean WE are stoked to go. He's been talking about this for a little over a month now. I've been going for over 13 years. We skip the second show with the car crusher and freestyle and will go once more in February. My dream is to one day make it to Las Vegas and see the Finals and all the trucks and hang with all the other fans. We'll have to see how things play out..... I might just wait a few more years so the newest addition to the family our 10mth old daughter can understand it. LOL

Anyone else planning to attend a Monster Jam at a city near you? I'm a couple of hours away from San Antonio to. I could always snatch up a couple more shows if I really wanted to.

Anyways i'll post up some pics and such in the coming days. Surely for both shows if nothing changes for the February show.