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Thread: bogging down

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    bogging down

    Im still new to the Nitro world so bare with me as i learn. You guys/gals have been extremely helpful and im grateful for all the cumulative knowledge and your patience with the noobs. So thank you for that.

    OK my question. Is it normal to be bogging down as the tank gets low? Ive noticed this just about every time im trying to run the tank low. Ive tried many different tuning combos and a new glow plug with same results. Normally when bashing ill run 2-3 tanks of full and refill at about 1/4 then let it cool down for 30 mins or so. It only does it when tries to run it low (at about 1/8 tank) so i can never really get all the fuel out.
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    prolly bogging because ur too lean. u need to tune at half tank. so when its at full tank it will be a little fat.
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    Like Outlaw mentioned, is it bogging down or cutting out? Meaning total loss of power? If it is cutting out, it is too lean and a qtr turn out should fix you up.
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