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    Traxxas micro failsafe

    I saw someone reference this once. How do they work on a nitro truck, does it cut the throttle and apply the break or just stop any controls from being sent.

    My current venom failsafe and temp gauge reads pretty good but occasionally stops me from pressing the throttle. It randomly fights with me (not a huge issue it could be worse and wide open the puppy).

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Alot of the micro failsafe's are able to be programmed to whatever you would like them to do upon failure detection. Such as apply full brakes or only apply slight brakes to slow the vehicle to a stop.

    If the failure happened to be loss of signal, then you would have no control of the truck but the failsafe should bring the truck to a stop if that's how it was setup.

    If the failsafe is not allowing you to apply throttle then it is either detecting a failure of some sort (loss of signal, low rx voltage), or the failsafe could be acting up.

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