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    Another gearing question.

    I am currently running 17/68 stock gearing on my truck. I have the Castle Creations MM2 with the 2200kv motor. I run only 4s. I have no desire to rip my drivetrain apart to run 6s. My truck runs great and wheelies on command with two 5000Mah packs in it for a run time of about 20-25 minutes. My temps are around 115 for the motor and even cooler on the Speed controller. It is hard to get a good temp on the speed controller due to the fan though. I am considering getting bigger tires, Proline Trencher 3.8".

    My two questions are these. What could I do to gear this thing up for a little more speed, nothing insane? When I get the bigger tires what would I have to do the keep the same performance? I know that bigger on the pinion or smaller on the spur means more speed less torque and vice versa. I only want to change out the pinions though.

    I appreciate any and all help or advice.

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    A couple teeth should be okay. But I'd wait until you get new tires if you only want to change once. A taller tire will give you higher top speed, but may also increase your temps.

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    I agree with Rooky - if you're happy with 4S (I also run 4S exclusively) and your temps are that low, I'd pick up an 18t and 19t pinion and have some fun playing with your gearing

    Do a google search for "RCCalc" - it's a free program for PCs and Android devices - it is an extremely useful RC calculator with a broad range of different functions

    The function I like the best is the speed calculator - you pick your vehicle, battery type and cell count, motor kv, gearing, and tire choice from drop down menus that contain most of the popular brands

    Once you choose everything, including those new tires (which are considerably taller than talons and, at high speeds, due to the softer compound, will get taller and, just like the slicks on an NHRA Top Fuel dragster, the increase in tire diameter at high speed is like your truck shifting to another gear), you can calculate your speed increase with the new tires with your current gearing, then just change the pinion gear in the calculator and it will show you the speed difference (in both mph and kmh)

    It's a great rc tool and good fun to play around with

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