I recently purchase my first RC Short Course truck. I bought the Traxxas Ultimate 4X4 with TQi and Docking Station. Right out of the box the truck, with a 7 cell NiMh 7.4v only would do 18-19 mph according to the dashboard on the Link App. I investigate the Link app settings, under Garage, and Model Setup. I noticed that if I changed the Drive Ratio I could make my Dashboard Speed reading vary. But the only problem is that I don't know the correct value to input. The default factory setting for a Spur gear 54 tooth, Pinion gear 13 tooth and Drive Ratio value of 2.846. Where does this number come from?? On page 25 of the truck manual, it explains a formula for Gearing. It looks like this..... ( # Spur Gear Teeth / # Pinion Gear teeth ) x 2.85 = Final Gear Ratio. Based on the formula and Chart found on Page 24 the Final Gear Ratio is 8.54. If I take this value and plug it into the Link app >>> Drive Ratio my speed reading is slower. I contacted Traxxas support, but support staff did not understand gearing of how to fix my problem. Is there anyone out there that would help me. Is there a calculation for the Drive value in the Link App? I also have tried the 54 spur / 18 pinion. Yes the truck is visually faster, but the dashboard speed reading is incorrect.