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    Wiring Lipo's In Series?

    So i'm about to order several batteries and i'm curious as to lipo wiring. I want to run 4S in my P4DE as I already upgraded to a castle 1415 mmp combo. But I also have a diggerp2de vxl which my 7 y/o uses alot.. I have some 3S batteries but I think that's a little too much for him.. currently he uses the stock nimh packs, and he still gets himself into trouble sometimes, just because of sheer speed of the truck. SO my question is....

    Can I just buy a bunch of 2S packs, connect two of them together in series and make a 4S pack?? Ive read that it can damage the batteries as the first cell in the pack is discharged faster? ... It would just be so much easier if they were all 2S packs because they could also be used in my sons p2de as well.

    Does anyone consistently run their packs wired in series?
    are there any risks associated?
    Does it damage the packs? Any info would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance..

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    It's ok connecting them together, The problem is using different combinations on different vehicles.
    If your running 2x2s but your sons running a single 2s. It's better and safer to use the one 2s for his vehicle, you have too use the same 2x2s. Mixing the combos is where the danger is. One pack will go through many more cycles on a shared vehicle, this causing weaker cells and many problems.
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