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    Mama monster 2200 combo vs xerun 2000kv combo

    I'm trying to decide which system to buy. I will either be running on 4s or 6s. Will either of them be able to run on snow?

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    That's the same question I'm asking? The Mamba Monster 2 comes in anytime soon and it's water proof
    and in combo form i.e. complete with 2200kw Castle neu for 296$

    The Xerun , I don't think is as water resistant but retails for less that $200us.

    I'm also looking at Hobbywing SC8 esc and the same xerun motor , but it's 4s limit.
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    I've got both combos and the 2200 is a good bit faster. the 2000 isn't a bad motor, but i've found that i need to gear it REALLY high to get it to wake up. That's not even an issue because it does run very cool, but i can run faster with my 2200 on 4S than my 2000 geared on 5S with a big pinion. as far as's VERY close imo.
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    mamba monster 2200kv is NOT why have mamba monster 2 and not a motor to go with it?
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    How waterproof do you want a motor? Don't think a little splash will hurt it

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    I have the 120a wp hw combo 2000kv motor and have got it wet with fan on it still and its still running fine. I know what vxlrocket is saying about the motor though it does run really cool good thing because you don't have to have a cooling fan and can gear high and yes it is limited to only 4s but plenty and can have a huge range on gearing for any terrain you choose.
    Ooh yeah I have got the motor wet as well and its fine. I thought most brushless motors are waterproof. The vxl is its the esc's that have to be waterproof like on traxxas rc's. Maybe I have it wrong
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