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    Bought a rally Vxl.

    Have some questions:

    Besides lipo batteries and connectors, any upgrades?

    I own a 2013 focus ST and plan to have my car match my 1/16 rally, what paint is suggested on painting a body?

    And what differences are there from the ken block car and these?

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    All 16ths are 90%+ the same...
    Ken Block and the Rally are the same as far as I know, apart from the visual difference.

    LiPo's are a good upgrade, that is for sure.
    Traxxas connectors are amongst the best; so unless you are attached to a different one, there is no need to change.

    I upgraded my Boss to a ********* 60 amp ESC, HPI Vintage wheels, and YeahRacing big bore shocks. Everything else is stock and still working fine. I imagine I will be replacing the knuckles someday when they get too sloppy. Traxxas does have aftermarket pillow ball caps, but for the price of those I can just about get a full set of aluminum knuckles that include adjustable caps.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Thank you for the advise.

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