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    Revo half shaft install.

    This has been covered before, but seemed that the info was hard to follow because it was a work in progress. However I do recommend reading the thread:

    I have tried to simplify the steps a bit.
    Hope it helps for those interested.

    Parts needed:
    Revo differential rebuild kit part #5382X
    Revo complete half shafts part #5451X
    Tekno rear carriers part #TKR1952T15
    Tekno 12mm Aluminum hex adapters part #TKR1654X
    5mm flanged nuts part #5147X
    Blue thread lock
    10x15x4mm bearings (4)
    6x12x4mm bearings (2)
    6x11x4mm bearings (2)
    Various washers/spacers.

    I use RPM arms and aluminum TRX front components.
    I do not know how this will work with stock a-arms or plastic front steering components

    Let's start with the rear, as it's easier and more beneficial.

    Step 1:
    Rebuild differential with revo kit.
    The revo kit has bigger output pins than stock.
    It also has a diff cup brace I like to use.
    I like to service or replace all bearings I remove during this step.

    Step 2:
    Carefully cut away the blue dust boots on the revo shafts.
    I like to run a blade around each and then slowly pry them off.

    Step 3:
    Lay an old shaft beside the new ones to get an idea of length.
    Cut revo shafts down to a little bigger than stock shafts.
    (It's easier to cut more off than add some back!!)

    Step 4:
    Place outer bearings into Tekno rear carrier. (6x12x4mm)

    Step 5:
    Disconnect stub axle yoke from half shafts.
    Be careful not to lose the tiny e-clips!
    Remove the steel pins that hold the metal axle to the yoke.
    (They just slide out)
    Replace those pin with the hex pins used to hold the stock half shafts to the diff outputs.
    Screw them in snug.

    Step 6:
    Here is the tough part.
    Put the stub axles in a drill and tighten down the chuck.
    Use a dremel or similar tool to "shape" the stub axle.
    Make sure the drill and rotary tool are spinning opposite directions.
    Once again, only cut a little at a time.
    You want to create a "shoulder" for the 10x15x4mm bearing to ride on.
    Keep checking to see how the bearing fits.

    Step 7:
    Assemble shafts and carriers together.
    Shim with washers and install Tekno aluminum hexes.
    Install shafts on diff and connect every thing back up.
    Check for clearances to a-arms while moving suspension up and down.
    Boots will not need to be glued, as it's a tighter fit going back on.
    Once everything clears, slide the boots back on and you're done.

    The front is very similar, but you need to do more clearancing.
    Especially on the steering blocks, a-arms, and lower mounting points for camber adjustment.

    I will post some pics using my phone, as it's easier that way!

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    Camber attachment points need a little shave.

    Front steering blocks also need clearancing.

    A-arms trimmed a little.

    Use thread locker on wheel nuts!!!
    They do not stick out as far as stock.

    Before vs after stubs.

    Drill / dremel set up.

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    Nice mod, that should support ANY aftermarket tire combo, heh!

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    I know that it is easier going with MIP or Tekno shafts, but it wouldn't have been as much fun!

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    Also forgot to mention:
    This will upgrade axles from 5mm to 6mm. I recommend drilling out your wheels slightly. This will help them seat better on the hexes.
    Don't forget thread locker on the wheel nuts!

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