I know you guys have been waiting to see a complete run of the 8s XO1 that I've been running. Well, here you go. Unedited, uncut, and with a GPS confirmation immediately after the run. It utilizes the Kershaw design 8s mount kit, Castle XL2 ESC, and Leopard motor. If I decide to keep the car, I will more than likely make a custom fiberglass body to increase the cars aerodynamics. I also have another set of tires that I run which seem to do a bit better than the stock slicks. It's very difficult to find time to go out and run the car yet alone have someone come out to film and clock it with a radar gun.

A few notes about the video:

1) Very bad start off of the line. You can see the car veered towards the curb and took me a while to get it tracking straight.

2) I did not lay into full throttle until the car passed by me. When it passed by the camera it was probably going around 80mph. Usually I hit around 100-105mph and I'm already in full throttle way before it passes by me compared to my other runs that have been 130+mph.

3) I ended up running the car out of the range of the transmitter which is why I had to walk towards the vehicle. This is the first time that I've ran it out of range on the 8s set-up. I lost a lot of runway due to the lousy start.

4) I stopped the timer on the GPS once the body was removed. I am pointing at the screen to show the speed as well as MPH indication. Telemetry speed is always wrong. I simply use it as a reference. I knew when it showed 194mph that the car was in the 140's when compared to my other runs.

5) I will have more video's up provided the weather holds up like it currently is. I plan on having 2 or 3 camera men so that the video can capture the car passing by when it is going 140+mph. I also plan on having a confirmation speed via radar gun. If Traxxas ever gets the clear XO1 body's in then I'll also have a nice in cabin video of the run. I'll also leave the rear window clear so that I will not have to pull the body after each run to view the speed. As you can see, I tape down the edges prior to my runs. The brace on the vehicle also helps to keep the roof of the body rigid at these high speeds. I'll be honest... running cars at this speed is a pain in the butt and very time consuming. Getting the perfect run combined with a complete video is even a bigger pain.

I'm more than welcome to share specifics of the set-up if you guys have any questions. This car is fun but I really don't have time to run it as much as I'd like to. Thanks to Miles for coming out to film today.