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    What AMP setting to charge the NiMH battery?

    I am charging the Traxxas 8.4 V 3,000 mah battery. I have the EZ Peak and also a Thunder charger. With the Thunder, I can set the AMP rate when charging. I've read that you need to set the AMP rate at 1 per 1,000 mah. So, I'd set my Thunder to charge at 3 AMPs. When I do this, it takes about 65 minutes to charge.

    What I don't understand is why would the EZ Peak charge at 4 AMPs and the EZ Peak Plus charge at 6 AMPs. The EZ will charge my battery in about 45 minutes and I've heard the Peak Plus will charge in about 30 minutes.

    Given the charging AMPs of the Traxxas chargers, can I set my Thunder to charge at 4 or 6 AMPs?

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    It is suggested for safety and battery longevity to charge at 1C. For a 3000mAh battery this is 3amps... and should take about an hour. Charging faster is up to you... but I should tell you that you could end up with a bad cell and an exploded NiMh.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    The ez peak has a set charge rate where the ez peak plus is a programmable...

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