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    Just finished up our jato's

    Hi there fellow jato owners, been lurking here for a while and finally i am ready to give my experience to fellow owners. I have two jato's. my 12 year old son has a modded 3.3 and I have a nova powered jato.
    Here is a step by step on the mods and the results. Some might disagree with the results but its what I could achieve so if it helps anyone from saving money then I am glad.
    Runs were recorded with a bushnell radar, So he we go......
    Bone stock.. 64mph (my son's actually hit 65 once) 240-250 degrees
    Traxxas top end pipe (drilled stinger), air filter.. 65mph. 230-250 degrees
    Added 58 spur gear.. 56mph
    Added 40/20 revo gears.. 60 mph ( tried everything) 240-250 degrees. Maybe not enough room or the motor couldn't pull it.
    Ported and polished sleeve on my son's jato, OS 11k carb, Stock gearing.. 67 mph. 260 degrees ( this mod really woke up the low and mid range but really nothing on top, speed went up cause of extra leaning
    Novarossi 21 keep-on with revo 40/20 and nova pipe and header, jaco foams.. 76mph but keeps flipping over.. Think it might hit 80+with the right gearing and aero. At 76 it was still pulling hard..

    Now I see hard it is to have a 70+ mph jato. All I can say is well done to the guys who have achieved crazy mph's.

    Hope to have pix and some parking lot drag races up soon

    /Users/drakewhite/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2013/01/13/20130113-233055/+jyUqttHSPqXOXNGNxbQ6A/IMG_7098.jpg
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    Here the pics....Hope it works LOL

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