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    Gearing Question,

    Stock gearing on a slash 4x4 is 13/54

    I run with 2C lipo C40- C50.

    Happy with the speed and power but trying to install the central diff but comes with a 52spur,
    Which is too small to fit to the stock pinion???
    I have the 19t pin (i believe that this is the "speed option"), which will fit the mesh, but this will change my final gear ration from, 11.82 to 7.79 which is quite a difference???

    I don’t want to install this and cause my self-problems.
    I am just a “happy basher” just want to see how it handles with the central diff in.

    What will be the end result with 19/52=7.79 set up, how different from stock would this be and what would be the Pro and Con to this? (E.g. speed, acceleration, or less motor life more heat)
    Appreciate any help….


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    The 52 should fit the stock pinion. If you go with the 19 keep an eye on your motor temps. I would first try with the stock gear but also keep an eye on motor temps. Tear it apart and give it a go. Best way to learn your truck
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