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    EZ Peak Plus / NiMH Charging Question

    I'm brand new to the RC scene. I just recently bought the EZ Peak Plus along with a new Traxxas NiMH 5000MAH 7C battery. The battery that was included with my Slash is the 3000MAH, which charges in about an hour just fine and works great after charge. My issue is the new 5000MAH (Traxxas part 2960). I set the charger to 5 Amps and it charges in about 12 minutes.

    When I go to run the fully charged 5000MAH I get about 1 minute run time before my truck stops. The 3000MAH battery runs for about 30 minutes with no issues.

    Am I doing something wrong? I was really excited to get the new charger/battery but I'm disapointed it's not charging completely.

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    Sounds like the battery has issues, possibly a dead cell.
    Good thing that Traxxas has an excellent warranty!
    Give them a call and they will probably take care of you.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Try charging at the lowest amp , Sometimes it well being it back to life . JMO
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    im having the same issue with a 5000mah pack... Bring your charger down to 1 amp and try... it could take up to 10 cycles before teh battery will reach max capacity.. I have about 4 charges on mine ranging from 4 amps to 1 amp and right now i can only get a full charge at 1 amp.. when i use 3 or 4 amp im getting a better charge than i did the first time but still not their yet

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