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Thread: mmp question

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    Question mmp question

    Does the mmp have the amp draw as the mm the one that comes with the 2200kvmotor. I know that the mm pulls a 120 amps but I dont know about the mmp trying to find some lipos to run it properly. Thank you for your help.

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    I've seen it posted but the MMP wont pull 120 amps maybe a short burst but i'd say 80 continuous, if your buying li po's I would get at least something that can put out 100 amps continuous, 150 burst. That way you won't load the battery so much and it should last longer as it will run cooler and not be working at full potential.

    I bought some 5.6 Ah 65C batteries, got a good deal on them and I have a few cheap brand 6 Ah 25C that work just as good. I'm not sure if its in my mind but I do think the 25C has a slight less punch.

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