Hello everyone,

Just a few quick questions about my Rustler. I have been upgrading it in the past few weeks and heres what I have done so far:

-Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 ESC
-Neu-Castle 1410 Series 3800KV Motor
-Tenergy 3S 11.1V 25C LiPo Battery
-Replaced bushings with bearings
-STRC Aluminum Castor Blocks
-RPM Camber Links
-STRC Aluminum Bulkhead
-RPM Wide Front Bumper
-ProLine Racing 2.8" Trencher Offroad Tires

I am looking to be driving this mostly offroad on dirt and short grass with a 16/86 setup, but I also have a 19t and 28t pinion gears.

1. What speed can I be expecting on short grass?
2. What speed can I be expecting on-road?
3. What other upgrades are suggested/needed?