I have gotten my first t-maxx with a 2.5 engine an EZ Start.

My long term goal is to build a tubed chassis to house a twin 2.5 engine setup. With that in mind, I am finding (based on other threads an youtube videos) that roto start is the easiest to work around with the shock towers, exhaust, an such.

My question. Which back plate options do I have? I have not pulled the engine out as of yet. I have seen some starting plates only use 3 of 4 bolt locations. Are the bolt holes symetrical? Can that starting plate be rotated in all 4 optional directions?

As of now, I am leaning towards OFNA for my parts as they have a back plate which allows the rod to goto the 9 oclock location an make use of all 4 back plate bolt holes (But unsure of the fitment). Any one have any experiance with this?