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    Rustler Vxl On Road Tires!/ Other helpful info

    I recentally purchased a rustler vxl and im wondering what are the best on road tires for speed runs. I heard the Jaco foam tires are really good for speed runs. Is that true? Also if you think there are and better tires please mention them, Thanks!

    and im just wondering what other upgrades i should make. I have gotten the rpm bumper, a 11.v 4000mah lipo battery, 31 tooth pinion, 76 tooth spur, soon to get rpm a-arms and caster blocks, and soon to get velineon fan. What other upgrades should i get?? Thank You!

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    50 - 'nuff said. - roll overs everywhere, BUT they're great for street running in the rain.

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    I have heard mostly good things about the jaco foams but have not tried them myself. Personally, I am using the belted 8th scale GRP tires. They seem to be holding up very well and stick to the pavement like glue. However, they do require 17 mm hubs. Several companies make them but they can be a bit pricey. If budget is a concern, the anacondas do pretty good. Even taped, they still balloon quite a bit. Thats another thing I love about the GRP's. Virtually no ballooning at all.

    The downside to the GRP's is they are completely useless on grass and not very good on dirt. But they arent meant for that kind of terrain so not sure if it counts, lol.

    Have also heard good things about G-locs (sp? ), but again have not ran them. Hope this helps!

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    G locs are awesome. Foams are better in theory but will wear out SUPER fast... especially if you plan on turning. G locs are better for real world use.

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