Hey guys i dont wanna sound to much like a noob with this question but i need some help before i go and do something i dont have to do. I have 2 slayers and never ran into this problem before. Long story short is that me and my buddy were racing on a baseball field a few days ago and it wasnt super dry so there was a ton of sand build up on the car and all around and in the wheels. Well i didnt notice the wheels were packed so bad and the motor was running really really hard to move around. Well i ended up over heating the motor bc it started to smoke a little (I never really had this happen before) so i came home that night took the head off and cleaned the piston up a little even tho there really was nothing wrong with it or discolored. I just wanted to be on the safe side. So now that i got it back together and oiled up to be on the safe side and then ran it. for some reason when ever i come to a compleat stop it shuts off and stalls. If i hit the brakes hard it will shut off once it stops rolling. Its weird because if i let it come to a stop easy it will stay running. Also when i try and start it the only way to keep it running is to hold the gas down a little on it. I tried retuning it by changing the idle speed and stuff but it does not really seem to have helped. The piston sleeve looked like it was really good and had no real visible scaring on it. It didnt look super nice but it didnt look like it would have any problems. I have pics i can show you guys if you wanna see but im not 100% sure how to post them. Its hard to see anyways. So yea if anyone has an idea let me know bc I dont know what would have done this. Oh and one other thing when i first turned it back on after the rebuild the motor made a sound like it was almost grinding like a if a bearing was messed up. Thanks guys