I had to wait till Christmas to open my new DR1. I got it out, charged the battery, and flew it for a few minutes. I had a couple crashes from the ceiling to the floor. No problems, no cracks found anywhere, and no breakage...awesome! Then I flew it a second time and as it slowly rose off the floor, it barely tapped our very soft ottoman and fell just 18" back to the floor. Of course, it broke the fly bar!
Now, if you look in your package there are extra rotors, but don't waste your time looking for a fly bar...it's not there. I checked with my local hobby shop (none there) then went online to buy a few and found that the parts are not available anywhere. I had to place them on backorder, with a time frame of early January. After a week, it was changed to mid-January. Now it's January 16th and the parts are still not available. I'm very upset that Traxxas didn't have the forethought to have spare parts on hand that they knew would break. I've had this heli for over 3 weeks and still can't fly it. Also, I looked for extra batteries and found those are also on back order.
I just started RC hobbies last year when my wife bought me a Traxxas Spartan, and then later I bought a Slash 4x4 Ultimate LiPo. Iíve been very pleased with them and will continue to buy Traxxas, but I really feel they messed up on this one and let their customers down.