good morning !!!

i have e revo about 1 year... after few months i play with my e revo and starts wobble 4 wheels a little...
day per day "noise" is bigger. i believe this problem comes from wheels beacause i play at sea sand and from wheel holes takes in sand, and with centrifuge power and different height 4 wheels make this....
about 15 days after starts wobble the tyres tore and i replace WHEELS and TIRES with new (axial bedlock and big joe) i go to play and the problem is there again... i say ok! i search and i see axiles(stock plastic) wry with my eye. replace with metal axiles and again the problem not fixed..... yestarday night i teardown part part to find the reason for whobbling.

1 replace bearings with new
2 remove hex and the axiles makes noise (in my lenguage say eight)
3 remove hub and testing again and see axile have noise
4 remove the axile BUT i let the axile connector over differential and testing again... the connector (Cups i say) makes 8
5 remove the cup from differnetial and find the root from my problem

is bosiblle wry Differential Output Gears ?