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    breaking in my new revo 3.3

    i came home from work the other day to find a nice big box with my brand new revo 3.3 inside,
    i had to work the next day so i thought id start the break in process today.
    unfortunetly the weathers turned to crap and its raining (the day i got my revo and the day after when i
    was at work the weather was beautiful) so my question is, is it ok to break in your engine while its
    raining? its not cold and its not raining heavily, i also have an undercover area to work in.

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    Depending on how you break it in you can let it do the idleing tanks in the garage with the door open for ventilation.
    Thats what I do.
    I wouldn't run it in the rain (At least not when its new) unless its only just misting.
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    Sure you can easily idle it, but the company recommends following their procedure.
    You've got waterproof servos, just as long as it's not pouring and you don't run through puddles you'll be fine.
    I've run mine through water without problems, these engines can ingest water without issues for the most part. The electronics are what you need to keep a check on.
    Just keep it running.
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    I recommend you wait till the rain stops bro. This is very important step for your new Revo. Watch the DVD a few times, read through your manual, then read it again. Get familiar with ya new ride, read stuff here on the forums to pass the time for a while. It will be much more comfortable for " you " to run ya truck in with nice weather. Hang tough mate, it won't rain forever.
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    The best thing to do is idling in the garage but not breaking in while it's raining. Actually never make it run when it's raining.
    The electronic case is not waterproof as well as the transmission and the engine itself.
    So don't run it in water as water could easily access the battery box which is under and is used to power the servos.
    And if you don't know waht to do, just read 3.3's comment .

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