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    5409 with adapter =please help!


    I have installed the clutch adapter to the 5409 engine. The nut that attached to the ISP shaft is 8mm and the nut on the adapter is 10mm. this causing to the clutch shoes to get open. Picture attached.
    The bell is still rolling free and is not touching the clutch shoes, but the bell is not 100% covering the shoes. Picture attached.

    Before I fire up this engine is that oK?


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    I don't think that will work very well. You will loose about half of your friction contact. It will also wear the clutch very fast. I have been looking at doing the same thing for a buddys engine. I wander if you can shave down the nut to make it the same as the original. Never mind you have the cone in there? HUM?
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    Get rid of the E~clip, it's not needed.
    See if that allows the CB to sit far enough down onto the clutch.
    Worse come to worse you can carefully sand the end of the nut down, but it has to be square or the nut will have a hard time holding torque.

    You did put the flywheel nut on, without a washer correct?

    I measured my stock ISP flywheel nut & it measures just barely over 8mm from the flywheel face to the edge of the nut.
    What looks like a washer is just the flared base of the nut.
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