Hello there I just bought a 1/16th Brushless Rally Racer!
and I charge the battery as it said 6 hours and I went outside to a parking lot to drive it.

But I was kind of disappointed when the battery lasted for like 10 minutes and then the car started to slow down, I kind of expected from what I read about the batteries but yeah, I felt like I paid way too much to enjoy something every 6 hours.

So I was wondering about the LiPO batteries do they last longer than the Nimh batteries?

If I buy a LiPO batteries would I have to switch the pinion gear?

I feel like I already spend too much so do you guys recommend any cheap($30-$60) charger for the LiPO batteries?

one more thing... do you guys recommend to buy new tires, I want something that looks good and also would help the car on it's performance

PD: I apologize for my English it's not my first language.