hey guys, I have a 3906 maxx with twin KD 820's on it. took me a few months to get it all together after the wide track kit and the steel shafts and the idler as well. Now my rear shocks are drooping really bad, almost to the point where the rear skid drags the ground. ive went as far as putting 3 shock collars on all four rear shocks and it doesnt seem to help. Also, I had it outside today...first time in about 3 months, and it seems like my rear A-arms dont want to rebound like the front does. I literally have to push the tires back down in place with my hands to make them reset into position.

Now here is my question...

Is it the shocks or is it something wrong with my rear arms? I dont know how in the world something could be wrong with the arms, but to explain it lightly would be like a rusty car door, it will still move but you have to give it a shove before you can shut it...kind of that same idea. I re oiled the shocks with 50w oil thinking heavier oil would be better for those gigantic motors. I bet with the swamp dawgs and those KD 820's that truck weighs every bit of 10-15 pounds.

So what should I do? Order a set of piggybacks with the heaviest springs I can find...or...do the double spring method to help with the rebound. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, I am not sure what to do in this situation...in all the years ive played with RC's I've never had a-arms "stick" I tried to loosen them some but it just made the set screw start to back out at high speed runs. If you guys want some pics, or maybe even a video, let me know and ill do what I can...Thanks.