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    1/16 Grave Digger converted to Rally

    I am looking to convert my 1/16 scale Grave digger over to a rally. I already have a Stampede 4x4 vxl with a plethora of upgrades and want to bash with the digger at times and and do some course racing with a rally.

    Besides converting to 4x4
    7078 Differential Assembly
    7079 Ring and Pinion Gear
    7056 Center Driveshafts (for the front shaft)
    7057 Differential/Transmission Yolks
    7051 Driveshaft Assembly (2 for the left and right side)

    what else would be required?

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    Rear axle shafts
    Body mounts/posts
    Possibly the front skid

    The best way to check is to compare exploded views.

    Be sure to check eBay for your parts too... chop shops usually have full front ends for a decent price.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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