A quick, simple and easy way to add weight (and the ability to quickly adjust them) to the front of your summit.

drill two small holes into the axle carriers, taking care not to hit the center axle nor the arm screws.

make weighted metal plates, drill holes into them to match the holes in the axle carrires. (MEASURE TWICE, DRILL ONCE)

screw the plates onto the axle carriers

You can stack the plates up or use different thickness plates to get the weight you desire. Easy to change weights (or remove them for bashing) and since the weight is not on the wheel there is no need to balance the wheels. Just be certain the left weight matches the right weight. Also beware that the axle carries are slighlty curved, anticipate and adapt. Use long screws for a secure hold.

I cannot take credit for this, saw the original on RC Crawler by a member named "MonsterZ". I just embellished the concept and added some hot sauce.