I live in Red Deer Alberta.
This is my first rc but not my first go around building a truck and modifying it to my taste.I've had my summit for about 3 weeks.

I've ran maybe three sets of lipos thru it. I wasn't overly satisfied with its performance BUT this was expected. I was originally going to buy an e-revo but do to my experience with full size 4x4s the summit's locking diffs and two speed tranny peeked my interest.

More or less building a ERBE/Summit hybrid. The speed of the revo and locking diffs of the summit.

Motor- 2200kv

Esc- MMM

Tires-Trenchers on Desperados, to be taped and balanced.

Body- modded HPI 2002 Dodge

Suspension- GPM aluminum steering block fr/rr and double orange springs fr/rr. Rest is stock for the time being.

Driveline- MIPs in the future, shimmed diffs. Also going to hot glu the diff carriers

Batts- 2x Orion 6400 2s 35c lipos and 2x Orion 4700 3s 45c lipos

Misc- Outwears cover, extra LEDs, bulkhead braces, RPM bumper mount

Steering- To be single servo, still planning.

Biggest complaint thus far
Play in the wheel hubs.

Now I wait for parts to complete the brushless conversion and need to pick up some paint to finish the body. Also waiting on the trenchers.

Not much for pictures