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    If you could change anything...?

    If you could change any one thing about your life, or a past decision you made, what would it be? It can't be anything like, "I wish I'd make $1,000,000" a year. It has to be something somewhat practical, yet we can still dream

    Me? If i could change one thing about my life, I would live on a farm. My dad did when he was a kid, and I wish I we did too. Racing and farming... What a life.

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    I live on a farm! It's great fun. I go quading whenever I want. do whatever I want to a point obviously! Two things I don't like about farming. The bloody long hours. We farm grain so my average wake up time in summer is 5:30am to fuel,grease,repair equipment to start harvesting around noon. We often go tell around 11pm but there are nights that if there is no moisture in the air we sometimes go right until morning! It's insane! I get so tired sometimes, but what do you do? You keep on workin. Anywas enough of my story lol, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Anywas if there would be one thing I could change that would be that my gf wouldn't have cheated on me in grade 7.. Lol sad I know but we would prob still be together hadn't it been for that other guy but I don't really care anywas

    Edit: forgot to tell you the other thing I don't like.. I am deathly afraid of tornados and in flat open plains like where I live it really sucks because tornados like to form then.. Atleast you can see them for miles!

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    Play high school football. Had two different track coaches in my freshman and sophomore years--one of them the defensive coach--try to recruit me to play. Guess I was fast or something.
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    Joined the Air Force earlier than I did.

    Rustler,Slash 4X4, 1/10 Rally

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    I wish i would have bunkered my brother yesterday at paintball... to bad the called game over right when i was gonna wallet hates it...but my brain loves it

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