Yesterday night i replaced a bell crank on my pede 4x4 and everything went well, Except i noticed that my
truck wont roll properly. Like if i try to push with my hand it feels like there is tension holding it back. I took
it on the street yesterday and i heard a clicking or rattling sound and im sure its a gear or something. But
when i took the battery out it was super hot and the battery died really quick. It was a full charge and
everything (i was using the standard 7 cell pack that you get in the box) and ive usually had it last way
longer but this only lasted for about 5-10 mins and usually i get a good 15 mins on it. I think something
to do with the rattling might have something to do with the power because if it died that fast idk what
would have. I didnt go super hard ether but i could hear that sound. Anyone here ever had this problem?