So, around mid-March I'm going to be purchasing my first RC car since I was a kid. I'm going to be getting a 2wd Stampede for my 4 year old son to bash around with, as he loves the cheapie toy one we got him for Christmas. I figure getting him a hobby grade one is overkill for his age, but the fact that I can put it in trainer mode, and repair it when it breaks more than balances out the long term cost of buying multiple toy ones at Radio Shack.

So, for daddy...I've pretty much decided that I'm going to be getting a Stampede 4x4 VXL, however I have some questions that I thought I would ask the user community here. I'm brand new to this, I don't understand terminology, however I'm very eager to learn and don't mind putting the time / money into doing it right.

When I get my truck, I'm going to have some disposable income (bonus check from work), and want to make sure that any necessary or desired upgrades get purchased up front. Right now I'm buying:

Decent set of tools
Pro-Line Cover (1972 Chevy C-10)
Additional LiPo battery - No idea what yet, looking for opinions!
Replacement RPM Bumpers and A Arms
Charger - No idea what yet, looking for opinions!

Is there anything else you all would recommend? Like I said, I have some loot to spend, but don't need to go crazy. Are the stock tires okay? What is recommended as far as "spare parts" go to start building a kit? Are there any other parts that I should upgrade out of the box (esc, servo, etc)? If so, please be as specific as possible with parts, since I don't quite get all of the acronyms and terminologies yet.

The other big thing, I really don't like how high the cover sits. I've read vaguely that you can buy body and cover lowering kits. What am I looking for there?

Primarily plan on bashing around the backyard, local parks, etc with my son. Eventually I might get a Slash to go with this for racing at a couple local tracks, but I know that probably isn't happening with the Stampede.

Thanks in advance for the help. So far found this community to be great (RC in general) just want to make sure I do the research in advance, so I don't buy the wrong stuff. Also, I'm trying to make sure all parts are available at the LHS, as I want to make sure and support those guys, since I've already spent a couple hours bending there ears.

Thanks again!