I wanted my daughters mini summit (as built in another thread) to have light. So I searched for an "all in one" kit that had only what I needed. 4 white and 2 red LEDs and all the appropriate plugs AND was powered by the ESC. After some searching I found the Axial LED kit with controller. It was about $27 or so but was exactly what I was looking for so I bought it up.

Got it in the mail this week and installed it tonight. Heres the pics:

I apologize for not having any underhood pics. Ill get some tonight. I just totally forgot. But, the LEDs snape right in to the stock summit bumpers, no glue or anything required. They fit perfect. There is more than enough wiring to run the plugs to wherever you want on the truck.

I have no idea what the control box does. Its very small and only has 2 plugs for lights and an output with a plug for the ESC. There are absolutely NO instructions with the kit and the controller does not have any markings on it to let you know which lights go in which end. When I first plugged the lights in only the rears lit up. The fronts would not. So i swapped the plugs on the controller and voila... everything worked.

To make things simple for now I just stashed the controller and all the excess wiring in the left battery compartment. I ran the front and rear harnesses through the front and rear battery vents. Then ran the ESC plug out of the rear battery vent and into the waterproof RX box. Its clean but ill probably end up mounting everything in the RX box (theres more than enough room) just to keep everything waterproof. Ive also considered moving the RX into the left battery compartment but then id loose the waterproof feature. And im sure in the future the little one will find that handy.

More pics of underhood to follow.