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    Traxxas Slayer 3.3 (5908) body question

    Hello all,

    I just purchased a used Traxxas Slayer. It's the original slayer (model 5908) and the body is pretty scuffed up. I have looked and looked but I can only find pre-cut bodies for the newer Slayer Pro. Does anyone know where I can find bodies specifically designed for this model of Slayer? Also, I heard the Slash 4x4 and SC8 bodies fit, I just have to cut my own holes for engine/ez start, is this true?

    Thanks for any help.

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    the SC8 shell would probably be too big for the short wb slayer. its a big shell for my ERBE chassis based SlayerPro4x4.

    I would like to think that the majority of the standard 1/10 SC shells "should" fit.
    Proline made a desert rat for the original slayer that you may be able to get your hands on still at some of the shops.

    Was a great shell for me, took a lot of abuse.
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    Slash 2wd bodies will fit the original slayer. I don't know about the new Slash 2wd bodies but the one that came on mine from traxxas actually had the scored lines to cut out to make it fit the Slayer. Otherwise any Slash 2wd body will fit it. I run the Proline 1500 silverado Pro 2 body on mine. The EZ start wand may not seat properly because the rear deck lid is sloped differently. I didn't see it as a problem since I took the EZ off and use a pull start but it probably could be made to work. You'll just have to cut the square hole out before you paint it so you can see through the body. I mount all my bodies before painting anyways.

    Here's my Slash proline 2wd body on an original Slayer.

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