I bought a mini revo about a year ago before the mini Grave Digger came out with plans to convert it to Digger style. I eventually bought the body, bumpers and wheels and a few other things as they were available. I never made a thread because it wasn't an all out build like I normally do.
I lost interest in the truck after installing the gpm shocks. no matter what weight oil I put in it the thing it just doesn't have any dampening. I've read that the pistons in these shocks are too small for the body that they are in. I recently picked up some traxxas gtr's but haven't installed them yet.
installed now:
jconcepts rulux wheels
proline dirt hawgs with titus beadlocks
traxxas response pro wheels and tires
traxxas center diff
traxxas steel cvd's
traxxas Grave Digger Body with body posts
traxxas Grave Digger wheels and tires
traxxas Grave Digger front and rear bumper
traxxas aluminum push rods and toe rods
hot racing aluminum steering knuckles
hot racing sway bar
hot racing aluminum steering post
hot racing aluminum hex pin set
hot racing aluminum front and rear rocker arms
gpm red aluminum shocks
tbone- front rear center and wheelie bar (not necessary with center diff installed)
spc 50c 2s x2

For my birthday I received a gift certificate at the lhs so I bought all the red aluminum parts that they had. I normally wouldn't buy integy. i soldered bigger connectors on the stock motor so that it works with a castle esc. I haven't decided if I want to go big block or do a neu motor down the road. I have a 7700 and a 5700 that are candidates for installing but I'm not sure yet. I may wait to see how the vxl motor does with an upgraded esc.

parts waiting to go on:
integy red front and rear bulkheads
integy red front and rear body mounts
integy steel center shafts
traxxas gtr shocks
hitec servo
castle sv2 or mamba monster

I get home from working offshore next Wednesday so the new parts should go on then. I'm considering the integy carbon fiber chassis because i'm a cf junky. If there are any other mods that I should order before then please feel free to let me know. I may be missing some stuff since I made the lists off the top of my head. here are some pics so far.