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Thread: BU.KU clutches

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    BU.KU clutches

    Does anyone run one and do they tune as easy as it looks on website or is it more hype to get us to spend are hard earned money DOES THIS CLUTCH DO WHAT IT SAYS on the box ha! ha! any help on good clutch for O.S.21tm and other hop-ups welcome as my 1st REVO and last nitro if I have to spend pure $$$ to get it right as you do!!!
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    What's your reason for going to a Buku clutch, is the stock one slipping? The .21tm should work fine with the stock clutch, if not you can turn the 2 clutch shoes around so it will engage harder. Unless you went to a .26 or larger I would not waste money on a clutch.

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    Many people would swear by the Buku, especially Al Morancy--who got into the hobby and in a short amount of time plunked down a lot of money for 15 various RC's and hop-ups.
    IMHO, if I had the spare cash I would be getting one. Swapping the stock around does help, going to an MIP or M2C would be better; Buku probably on top.
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    I run the buku clutch in my Revo and my Jato. I'm using the one with the brass shoes. Its worth the money IMHO. You can adjusted the settings for what you want, and as far as wear mine still look brand new with over 2 gallons of abused. They clutch will probably last longer then the engine.
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