Hi guys,so this is my issue bare with me.I broke one of the factory servos so I decide to get new ones so I got the solar 720 I believe 200 oz of torque @ .09 at 7 volts ,i set the esc to 7 volts ,but they are weaker than the stock and the receiver light come on red when I try to steer.I still have factory receiver and remote.So i got a cc bec ,but not any better so I though the receiver wasn't god enough for the servos so i got me a spektrum DX3S hoping that it would work better.Now is even worse the steering has more power ,but the throttle don't work automatically want to go forward so I have to reverse on the control to stop it.When i try to go in reverse the esc led come red and green in forward.ether strait to the esc or using the cc bec. it is worse using the esc to power the servos.