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    Jato 2.5 blew up, Bought 3.3 installed it and will not start

    I am having a bit of a problem, I got this Jato 2,5 a few years back. Ran it for a few years and finally the 2.5 malfuctioned and scored the cylinder wall. So i purchased the 3.3 engine and I hooked everything up the way its supposed too. It will crank but no starting. When placing the starter pack in, the glow plug light doesnt light up. I have had it to 2 hobbie shops. They replaced the wiring harness and messed with the ez start system. This was over a year ago. The one shop said they had it running and all was well. Took it home and didnt fire. Need some pointers. The yellow ground wire is good and I have tried replacing glow plugs and still nothing. My batteries are good and its getting fuel. Fuel is brand new also. The carb is moving freely. Id appreciate help! Thanks!

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    Remove the glowplug, put the blue wire on top, hold the yellow wire to the glowplug, then press the starter, does the plug light up?

    I've had a wand die. It would turn the engine, not the plug though.

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    Ditto. Had the same problem. Kept the wand and use it with a glow starter. It's a pain but it works better anyway.

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