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    HELP with speed controler

    I am having a problem with my speed controler or reciever. I was running it a couple days ago and it just stopped moving i thought it was a dead battery so i changed the batteries and still nothing. thinking maybe the esc was hot i let it sit for a while came back and still nothing. i did run it outside in the snow for about an hour a week or so before and even ran it in between then and the day it stopped. when i plug in a battery and press the set button it will light up green and then go to a dimly lit half green and red light. i reset the speed controler that helped for about 30 seconds and then back to the dimly lit light. i changed the drive settings and it helped for again 30 seconds and back to the light. im really confused about the whole thing and theres nothing in the xvl-3m instructions about the light.
    any help would be great.

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    if you reciver have a red - green light very haotic, is the Servo. Change-it and it will be ok. I had this problem last year, after playing in the snow. the car stops, and the reciver start's to blinks. Try to remove the servo from your reciver box and try to see if you have power in the motor

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    Unplug the servo from the receiver box and see if symptoms Vlad said it's probably the servo.
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    Mine did the same thing, friend hit me head on and car wouldn't move. Unplugged servo and motor would run, replaced servo and good to go. If you call traxxas they will probably replace it, those servos have a known issue. You can always replace it with a Hitec.

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