So I just got my first set of 3s 30C 5000mah Lipo's. My question is around the storage charging and discharging on the EZ-peak. When I balance charge at 1C (5 amps) all is good in the world charger finishes the cycle in usually less than an hour. So now that I have successfully destroyed the truck after a day of bashing and need to do repairs before we go again, I need to store the batteries. So I throw the battery on the charger, select Lipo Storage, select 2amp (highest it will let me go), 11.1 3s, hit start and the pack reaches the 120 min timeout before it finishes. So I hit start again, 120 min later it is still charging. So now I'm asking for help. Everybody I have ever talked to says you have to be very "particular" about Lipo charging, storage, and discharging. So before I go an ruin a brand new set of lipos I figured somebody up here would have delt with this before.

Thanks for the help!