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    the giant boot. Anybody?

    Hot Racing center one way center diff.

    Does anybody have experience with this one way diff? Thinking it would be sweet in the rally.
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    I know they are good for cars set up to drift. Its designed so when you hit the brakes only the rear wheels stop so you can slide the car to initiate a drift better. Im not sure in a rally, where front breaking is probably a benefit, that its going to be the best option unless drifting is your main goal. Ive got the traxxas centre diff in my rally and its sweet on really low traction surfaces. Car doesnt ever seem to spin out in a hard drift like it did before.

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    Like he said, get the traxxas if you dont want to drift, my expierence with the traxxas one has been amazing, its WAY better than the slipper
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    I do know, for the Tamiya DF03RA also had a one way diff as option part, there it was almost a must have option part to create a more rally like driving style according to most people.
    But it was a front one way diff, not in place of the slipper as with the Traxxas Rally
    I had it but did not like it, made the car spin out way too fast, with the original front diff I could make some nice drifts when going through turns

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