My son and I were down by a creek and ran the Summit in some deep water followed by some creek bed rock and not so deep water. I'm calling deep as mid way up the body. It was fine with the deep water, but upon leaving and going to the rock and chassis deep water, it suddenly stopped. I took it home, scrubbed it with a brush and sprayed it with the garden hose, then stood it on the rear bumper to drip dry. After a couple hours, I put a fresh charged set of Lipo batteries in and hit the throttle and witnessed a fire ball from the fan area of the titan.

I disconnected and waited until this evening (approx 24 hours) and tried again. It threw a bunch of radical sparks, smoke, and then smoothed out. This was with very light throttle in low range. I eased it back and forth about a 10 for distance, maybe 6 back and forth cycles. I thought it was going to be ok, and I tried goosing it and it made a pop sound as it again created a fire ball inside the fan area and went dead.

What would cause this? Does the deep water work destroy the motor, or is this a fluke? I already stopped and grabbed up a new Titan motor for it, I just don't really want to let the magic smoke out of it right away!

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