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    How to toe the line between Bashing and Racing

    My 8 year old has the slash ultimate.
    Due to a few crashes we replaced the A arms and nerf bars, the little things.
    Shoe goo'd the body.
    Well he his starting to race the Ultimate in the novice class on an indoor carpet track.
    Obviously, because of inexperience and the car setup he won't be winning anytime soon.
    But the others bash each other up so he may just win because his car can make it across the line .

    Anyhow, running venom 25c 5000mah Lipo, about to change the front shock oil to a heavier weight, but I just put some panther bowa tires on it with Jconcept wheels. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I had to slow down big time coming out of a vert turn and going into them, much more than the stock bashing tires.

    I still have the slipper clutch installed, no differential.

    What is the best way to keep this mostly as a basher but still have fun racing? I want the new LCG Chassis, but noticed that the drivetrain would not be protected like it is out of the box.

    I want to change out the servo, but if I remember from my old days (back in the 80's ) going to a faster servo will only make you roll, especially with tires that grip more.

    Should I stay with the current setup and let him get used to racing and bashing into the walls at the track with the higher chassis, especially when using it in the yard and change out down the road if he only wants to race? I don't want to have to change out a lot every weekend. I was even thinking of just getting different shocks just to have a racing set and a bashing set.

    Sorry for the long post.

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    Well the servo will help if you get the lcg chassis
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    Oh definitely.
    But putting a better servo IMHO is wasting money without getting an LCG chassis no?

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