Hi Everyone, my name is Jordan Krupp and I live in Ontario Canada, the "North Country". I was raised on a farm in the 60's and many of my parents friends had snowmobiles and brought these amazing fun machines to our farm because we had 100 acres of snow in the winter-time !
As a child I collected every toy snowmobile I could and my brother became interested in COX model airplanes ! You may see where I am going with this ? So in 1974 COX actually made a Ski-doo TNT Silver Bullet toy snowmobile with an .049 NITRO ENGINE ! I begged my Mom to get me one for Christmas that year and I was blessed at Christmas with the coolest toy EVER ! I wore that thing out and it lasted about 3 winters before the fuel wrecked the plastics !
The years went by and I finally decided in 1980 to break down and buy a cheap drill press and basic hand tools and start building my "Dream Come True" and teach myself how to design and fabricate my own RC Snowmobile because NOTHING was in my local hobby shop that resembled an RC Snowmobile ! [RCS}

I became pretty good at cutting and filing aluminum and making these things work and always used a .21 nitro car engine because they were the best and still are and they had the proper clutch designs I needed !

I always had a deep passion for reading about the latest racing snowmobiles and these guys were my hero's along with the factories that designed and built these amazing race sleds, still are to this day ! So I had something to scale my latest RCS project to and proceeded to build the latest Oval Track Race Sled at the time and that was the revolutionary Ski-Doo F-1 Twin Track Factory oval machine ! When I finally built what I envisioned, I took this RCS to the an actual full size snowmobile race here in Ontario Canada and showed it to a racer ! I was so nervous and young but very proud and to my total amazement the word about my scale RCS spread like wild fire in the pits amongst the racers ! I was escorted into the Factory sponsored race transporter and had to explain my creation, much to my total amazement ! I cant explain how overwhelming this all was being praised by WORLD SNOWMOBILE CHAMPIONS ! I was 23 years old and these were guys I deeply admired and here they were thrilled at what I built from scratch ! I felt like a very humble celebrity and was asked to run the model on the front straight during the break in action, on Saturday and Sunday in front of about 3000 people ! The OS Max .21 worked perfect and my Kraft KP3 wheel radio did too ! I got a standing ovation as the sled screemed back and forth on the main start finish straight in front of the grand-stands !

Anyway, Long Story Short, I am still doing this as a hobby, I sell the odd RCS model but it is so much work even though these are simpler than an rc car, only 8 bearings max ! I am building the latest Arctic Cat ProCross sled that Tucker Hibbert, the Factory Sponsored racer rides, in 1/3rd scale and he is currently dominating the AMSOIL TRAXXAS SnowCross Series on !

So, My Question Is ? When Can "We" walk into our local hobby shop and buy what I wanted in 1980 ?
I watched the latest Traxxas sponsored race and the podium had RC Trucks on display ! I hope one day soon these could be replaced with an RCS ! Makes sense to me and I have hundreds of passionate people that want me to sell them an RCS from my website, RC Snowmobiles.com and a short video on YouTube "Jumping rc snowmobile".

I also race 8th scale Nitro Buggies and was a 2 Time RC Pro Champion here in Ontario and won 2 titles with my Awesome Nitro Revo before the class became obsolete ! Loved That Revo !!! So Reliable and FUN !!!

Thanks For Reading My Story !

Jordan Krupp