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    FLM Ultimate Hybrid Bulkhead -Screw-Assembly

    I'm going out on a limb here and am going to ask someone which and how the front FLM ultimate hybrid bulkheads get assembled for the Emaxx and if the rear is assembled any differently, ( i got confused be cause i got different screws for the rear than the screws that came with the front assembly) ....

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    If you find out let me know. Have a set coming any day now

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    Please note that these issues are specifically related to the application of that product in your Traxxas vehicle. The Traxxas message board is not the place to discuss how to repair, setup, or otherwise service other manufacturer’s parts. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to dedicate resources and provide that type of information and support for their customers. Here are examples of things that will get your post deleted and, if you persist, get you warning points.

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    If you purchase a non-Traxxas aftermarket part for your model, we suggest that you first know and understand what kind of support is available for that part directly from the manufacturer. If they cannot provide accurate, timely, and reliable support, do not look to the Traxxas message board as a substitute. Traxxas moderators will not allow technical support related discussion for non-Traxxas aftermarket parts. If you have problems with a non-Traxxas part you will need to contact the manufacturer directly or consult the LHS where you purchased the part. If you have questions regarding this policy, please PM the forum moderators.
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