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    newb w/ merv upgrade questions

    Got the E-Revo 1/16 stock. Looking for advise. My son ran it without the cover and the connectors on the motor and ESC have wear holes from flipping it.

    If they need to be replaced, what should I go with? Been doing some reading and have some ideas, but want some alternatives.

    Main focus is sand/dirt and off-road rally style set-ups, so I need to keep the waterproof aspect intact.

    Already planning on upgrading all shocks and struts to aluminum for added strength. Also going to go velcro for holding the body on and getting rid of any "extra" parts not needed for the run to reduce weight.

    Which motor/esc, diff, batteries, tires/rims and gearing should I be looking at?

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    A picture would help a lot. The wires are all that's worn? You can just put some electrical tape on them and they will be fine.

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    You should probably get RPM arms, the stockers break over jumps a lot.

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    Grab some heat shrink tubing. That's all you need unless the wires are actually cut
    Gearing will depend on what tires you run. Summit canyons are heavy and dirt hawgs are much lighter.
    For batteries spc 2500 50c are inexpensive and work great. With 2s I would start around 25/50 and monitor your temps. Smaller on the pinion if a little hot

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