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    gear suggestions

    currently runnin 20/86. temp was to high, 170, and that was on the street no body, and o.a.t. (outside air temperature) of 62. and i was runnin alias tires on the rear. i normally play in the sand with and run the badlands tire or sandpaw tire. both of those tires have about 5in. total diameter. what size pinion gear(s) should i get to lower my temps in a better range? or do i need to start swapping spur gears. is so what gear should i go up to or down? i dont gear much about top speed. im more of a basher, and maybe once in awhile ill go to the track.

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    16/86 or 20/90 would be a good place to start. 170 isn't way too hot... Just a little bit hot. Traxxas says 200 is too hot.

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    I assume this is the velineon esc/motor? Those tires (5") are pretty tall which are raising your gearing, plus when they balloon it goes even higher. Instead of gearing down I'd go with a heatsink or aluminum transmission to lower motor temps. 170 isn't to bad but I wouldn't let it go any higher; I start taking action at 155 or 160F.
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