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    Jato 3.3 problems....

    Alright, i don't really know what the piece is called so ill just describe it the best i can. the spring on the metal rod that attaches to the throttle servo that opens the carb, I'm not quite sure where it goes. because like the spring just sits there and like should i cut it off? its not attached to anything, any I'm not sure what its suppose to be attached to. (i am not the original owner of this jato)

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    Its the throttle return spring, I personally think it should be installed on the truck, although is not required, some ppl don't like it, it does put excess strain on the servo but if u have upgraded servos it shouldn't matter. It connects from to throttle linkage to the clutch guard (5592), ull see a small hole where the loop of the spring should connect on the guard, its a pain in the bum to get it in, its basically right above the clutch bell. Hope this helps.
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